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Who We Are
A professional team specializing in CREATIVITY!
Global Network

In Japan, we have three bases of operation, Sapporo, Tokyo, and Kanagawa. And we also have expanded to Vancouver (CAN), Rhode Island (US), New Delhi (IND), and Hanoi (VNM).

Global Trust

Since our founding, we have earned the trust of clients, achieving business relations with 27 companies as of 2024.

Keep Growing

2 years and 9 months since our creation, we are still in a phase of growth. We continue to pursue further growth both domestically and internationally.

Our Portfolio

Here is a selection of the projects we have undertaken thus far.

AI-Driven Digital Education & Video Production

For 4DL Technologies Co., Ltd., We’ve created AI-based digital learning content for their sales team, including introductory and concluding videos, to enhance their skills and professional development.

Domestic Launch of Swiss-Made Masks & Branding Video Production

We collaborated with HEIQ SWITZERLAND’s authorized distributor to manage and implement a promotional campaign for their mask launch in the Japanese market, including the production of a branding videos.

BANDAI Gashapon Product Introduction Video (for the US)

We have produced an animated video to help customers understand how to use Gashapon machines shown at each BANDAI NAMCO store in USA.

App Development & Instructional Video Production

We have created a video that clearly explains how to use the app, ensuring smooth navigation for all users.

The Shooting in VR & SNS Marketing Support

For Metaverse Creators Co., Ltd., we provided VR video production and SNS marketing to enhance the visibility and engagement of the VR worlds created by their affiliated creators.

Online Educational Video Production for Yoga School

For Megumi Yoga Tokyo, we created instructional videos and developed a combined website and reservation system that allows students to book one-on-one lessons directly.

Our Portfolio
Website Work

If you click the logo, it will directly take you the respective website.

Digital branding support for the Japanese Memorial Alley

The Japanese Memorial Alley is called ‘Nishikimachi Yokochō’, a collection of 13 dining establishments on a street operated by Towa Trading Co., Ltd.

Real Estate Design & Website Building

We have created a website for 78WORKS Co., Ltd., which is located in Tokyo, to promote their store design and renovation business.

Building a website and reservation system for hiking tours

For Michinoku Hikers, we have developed a website that showcases the unique appeal of their tours and enables customers to directly make reservations online.

Building a website for the Treatment Salon

We have built a website for Endless Story Inc, featuring detailed descriptions of treatment services and an online reservation function.

Promotional support for the food truck business!

To TSK Co., Ltd., we have built a website that serves both as their corporate site and a reservation platform for vendors, aimed at promoting the sales of food trucks specializing in their original Japanese curry.

Aoyama Bright Life Counseling
John's Portfolio Website
Our Team

Introducing our Chief Creative Operating Officer and President

Johnny Andrews
Chief Creative Operating Officer
Proffesional Creator from Rhode Island, USA

He started his career in his first year of high school.
In 2008, while still in high school, he founded IABP.

He was involved in YouTube-related projects from the early days before YouTube became widely popular and designed animations known as Machinima.

In 2011, he sold IABP upon graduating from high school.

First Visit to JAPAN in 2013

He initially spent time in Japan as an exchange student at Temple University, engaging in research in industrial and organizational psychology.

After returning to the United States, he graduated from the University of Rhode Island and then moved back to Japan.

Since 2015, he has been involved in a variety of projects related to web design and product marketing.

Projects / Companies
  • English Education Programs: Mitsubishi Paper Mills Limited, Nova Holdings Co., Ltd., etc.
  • Video Production: Cross Culture Inc., Aoi Haru Co., Ltd., etc.

Since 2021, he holds the position of Chief Creative Operating Officer at In The Box Co., Ltd.

Wordpress - 7 years

Data Science/BI (Python&Tableau) - 3 years

Video Production- 6 years

Digital Marketing - 5 years

現在はIn The Box 代表取締役、東和商事 取締役を努める。

Kuroudo Osawa
Founder & President

Born in Hokkaido, Japan. After graduating from university,
He worked in telecommunications infrastructure sales in Vancouver, BC Canada.

Upon returning to Japan, he joined the job advertisement engine service “Indeed.”

Currently, he holds the positions of president of In The Box and a director of Towa Trading Co., Ltd.


2017 ~ 2018 : Ledcor Group (Vancouver) / Field Sales Representative

2019 ~ 2022 : Indeed Japan Ltd (Tokyo) / Client Success Specialist

2021 ~ pressent : In The Box Ltd (Sapporo) / Founder & President

2022 ~ pressent : Towa Trading Co., Ltd (Sapporo) / Director


2017:Ledcor Group (Vancouver / Canada)
→ Worked as a door-to-door salesman to sell fiber-optic communication products (such as internet services) in residential areas of Canada.
With no fixed salary and working entirely on commission, he secured 483 contracts within a year.

2019:Indeed Japan Ltd. (Tokyo / Japan)
→ In the Advertising Operations Department (Customer Success), he managed over 1,300 paid advertising campaigns. His main responsibilities included analyzing operational data using various analytic tools and optimizing performance for clients through effective advertising management.

2021:In The Box Ltd. (Sapporo / Japan)
→ We started our business with website and video creation. Since then, we have provided digital support to our clients, delivering video production and digital marketing services to 27 companies.

2022:Towa Trading Co., Ltd. (Sapporo / Japan)
→ We are engaged in the real estate business, managing and operating commercial establishments for our clients. One of our key ventures is the operation of “Nishikimachi Alley” in Tomakomai, which brings together 13 dining establishments.

VIDEO PRODUCTION - 3 year 6 Months

Digital Ads - 4 years 3 Months

Marketing - 2 year 8 months

Human Resources - 3 year 4 months

What we can
Our Services

Here are the four main services we provide

Photo/Video Production

We offer a wide range of services, including product and service introductions and videos utilizing AR/VR technology.

Website Building

In addition to website and landing page creation, we also offer site maintenance and management, as well as SEO measures.

Digital Marketing

We offer optimal web marketing solutions by leveraging a diverse range of digital tools.

Business Solutions

We provide comprehensive support from start to finish, including strategic planning tailored to your needs and the deployment of creative ideas, ensuring your business achieves success.

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    Who we are
    Company Overview

    Company Name In The Box Ltd.
    Founder Kurodo Osawa
    Establishment June 1st, 2021
    Business Overview
    (1) Website and video production
    (2) Development, planning, production, distribution, management, and operation of various systems
    (3)Advertising services and program distribution via the internet
    ※In no particular order
    Exon Ltd (Chiba / Japan)
    Skunk Works LLC (Chiba / Japan)
    Towa Trading Co., Ltd. (Sapporo / Japan)
    Wara Japan LLC (Tokyo / Japan)
    Metaverse Creators Corporation (Tokyo / Japan)
    4DL Technologies Corporation (Chiba / Japan)